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Human Body Scanning

Our 3D scanning equipment captures 3D data quickly and accurately. We can then manipulate this data to produce 3D printed models or digital 3D models for 3D visualisation purposes.

The main Get Cloned service is the onsite scanning of people at events and large gatherings.

Object Scanning

Object scanning is extremely useful for a wide variety of applications such as the preservation of cultural heritage, delicate artefacts, antique jewellery and anything which is unique and cannot be reproduced. In addition you may have a scarce item which is part-corroded and replacement versions are no longer available to purchase.

Using object scanning we use a laser device to scan objects which then produces a detailed point cloud data file. This data can then be manipulated to create an accurate representation of the original and then made available for downstream manufacturing either using a 3D printer or more traditional machining techniques.

Data can also be presented online using 3D visualisation techniques (see below) thus allowing a worldwide audience to access or share the object.


In addition to preparing models for 3D printing we now offer a service which creates single colour or full colour 3D models for visualisation online or on a smartphone or tablet.

Models can be accessed via a simple link, through your Twitter feed or embedded in your Facebook account so you can share the 3D you with your friends and family


Our current 3D printing facilities produce 3D printed models in a range of sizes and in either single colour or full colour.

If you want something more fun we can play with the data and put a big head on a small body or create a personalised caricature for your friends to admire. See our Gallery for ideas.

3D Printing Video